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Failing: The New Winning (via Million Dollar Mompreneur)

22 May

Failing: The New Winning In 9th grade I ran for Student Body President against Steve Croner, the most popular and good looking boy in our school. I lost. It was a landslide. I was bummed, but whatever. I didn’t expect to win despite giving it my best effort. I definitely would have liked to have won, but life goes on. I tried out for the cheer … Read More

via Million Dollar Mompreneur


A penny for your thoughts

20 Apr

I’ve noticed that most of my entries on this blog are me trying to be funny or get laughs.  I haven’t really used this site as a medium to express thoughts or hone my writing skills.  Here is my attempt to change that.

The United States is facing a terrible situation.  Our money isn’t worth anything.  The reason you see tons of Cash4Gold commercials every night during Family Guy re-runs is because there are actually a lot of people buying and selling gold in fear of an economic collapse.  The American dollar is on course for TBS syndication.  As the greenback continues its decline, some might wonder what currency we’ll adopt next. Continue reading