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Beastie’s Back!

6 May

If you grew up when I did, or even if you didn’t, you definitely know who the Beastie Boys are.  Well, in this incarnation they might be hard to recognize.  Ad-Rock, Mike D and MCA are portrayed by Elijah Wood, Seth Rogen and Danny McBride, respectively.  This epic half-hour short film, titled “Fight For Your Right (Revisited)”, displays the vulgar party-hard lifestyle Beastie raps about.  Celebrity cameos are abundant in the movie.  Will Arnett plays a businessman bystander nailed with a beer by the boys and Chloë Sevigny plays a glam rock groupie that stabs Elijah Wood’s Ad-Rock.  The whole thing is backed up by tunes from the group’s new album, Hot Sauce Committee Part Two.  If you buy the deluxe album on iTunes, it is accompanied by a high quality version of this film.  So click the play button and enjoy yourself.  You won’t be disappointed.