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Analyzing the lyrical complexities of Old MacDonald

11 Apr

Signs I may become a cool old guy

17 Jul

Old people are awesome, but not in the same ways.  Some senior citizens are cool because they’re so sweet and they know a lot of stuff.  This is fun until they use their powers against you in a Trivial Pursuit game.  Other elder statesmen are cool because of how bitter and mean they are.  It’s fun to see how little some people have cooperated with changing times.  There’s a certain amount of respect that folks like this command.  They have had to deal with hippies, baggy pants, and Justin Bieber.  That’s no easy task.  Recently, I’ve realized that I will probably become a cool old dude for my own reasons.  I don’t know stuff and I can’t bake cookies, but there are some things about me that would be cool if I was wrinkly.

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