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Joey Bada$$: The New Hotness

25 Apr

Music that I don’t think sucks

14 Aug

I consider myself a music snob, of sorts.  When I hear some sweet tunage come on the radio, I go out and get the rest of that artist’s album.  When everyone else starts listening to their music, I have to look around for a cool, new person or band to rock out to.  Lately, though, I’ve grown out of that.  I’m finding stuff I dig and sticking with it.  Since I work the night shift, I have countless hours used for sitting around and jamming.  Here’s some of the stuff I load my iPod up with. Continue reading

iTunes shuffle game (yes, really…)

24 Jul

You know that stupid game that people put on their Facebook statuses?  The one where there’s a list of questions and you answer with the song that iTunes picks out of your library?  Well, I don’t have anything to write about and I’m using this as a cheap cop-out post.  Anyway, let’s continue.

First off, there are rules:

* Put your iTunes on shuffle.
* Use the song title as the answer to the question.

Lock and load, people.  My iTunes library is a wild assortment of off-the-wall classics and songs I can’t come up with a reason for listening to.  Let’s roll! Continue reading

Eminem on the road to Recovery

24 Jun

Many will agree that Slim Shady’s last album was very lackluster, missing that certain “pizzaz” characteristic of his other work.  Allow Em to reintroduce himself with Recovery, his seventh studio album.  Marshall Mathers opens with “Cold Wind Blows”, a solid but ultimately forgettable song.  The real music gets kicked off with “Talkin 2 Myself”. Continue reading

I’m new to this.

24 Jun

I have noticed recently that the most efficient way to get your voice heard in this technology-driven world is to start a blog.  So I did.  I contacted two of my more tech-savvy buddies via Twitter and e-mail to find out what service would be the best to begin publishing a blog.  I decided Continue reading