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Overkill is underrated: my A-Team review

13 Jul

I’ll admit I was hesitant to see this movie at first.  It wasn’t because I was a fan of the original television series (in fact, I have never seen an episode) or because I didn’t like the cast (in fact, I love all of these actors).  I simply didn’t think it would be good.  Well, as so seldom happens, I was wrong.  The plan certainly came together on this one, and I recommend action fans buy a ticket.  Here are my thoughts on the film. Continue reading


Where the Wild Things Are Ruled By Jerk Kids

9 Jul

So we all remember this book from our childhood. Luckily, Spike Jonze decided to make your favorite picture book into a feature-length tale of some jerk kid and creepy CGI monsters.  Sweet! Continue reading

My thoughts on Shutter Island

7 Jul

I recently rented this Scorsese film from one of those Redbox things (which, by the way, are the greatest things ever).  I was working the night shift, so I brought a portable DVD player and watched the movie.  I had my notepad with me so I could come up with new blog posts, but I ended up just jotting down a bunch of things I noticed in this movie.  Enjoy. Continue reading

I’m new to this.

24 Jun

I have noticed recently that the most efficient way to get your voice heard in this technology-driven world is to start a blog.  So I did.  I contacted two of my more tech-savvy buddies via Twitter and e-mail to find out what service would be the best to begin publishing a blog.  I decided Continue reading