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Occupy: A Film by Chase

12 Oct

It’s a movie, dawg!

8 Dec

In order to whore out all this traffic I’m getting from Freshly Pressed, I would like to present a short film for your viewing pleasure.  My friend and live-in nanny, Christopher Peter, offered me a role in a project for his college course.  This is my debut, so be kind.

The movie that took “infinity and beyond” to be released.

24 Jun

I don’t think there was a single person who didn’t like Toy Story (unless they had no childhood or soul).  The sequel was just as good and then… nothing.  For eleven years, we waited for a movie that might not ever happen.  The series was made for everyone.  If you pretended to ride around the Wild West or dreamed of battling an evil space villain, this movie was for you.  So when I heard a third movie was being developed, I sat and waited patiently. Continue reading