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One more thing before I go…

18 Dec

I see an image like this and ask myself, “Will I ever reach the point where I feel that satisfied, that content with what I have done?”  I want to be able to recount things I’ve done and have people listen.  I want them to tell stories about hearing my stories.  I want someone to hear what I’ve done in my life and try to one-up me by going out and doing cooler shit than I did.  Here’s where I plan to set the bar.

There are certain things we hear about or see on TV that make us say, “Man, I have to do that before I die!”  Be it skydiving, climbing Everest, or giving a nun the finger, we all have those dream activities or destinations.  Of course, the obvious title for this entry was “My Bucket List”, but I decided against it.  Morgan Freeman has already dedicated his film career to helping out misguided white dudes, no need to give me inspiration.  Some of these tasks I have completed, while others are waiting to be checked off.  I fully intend on completing my list, one by one.  It might take a lifetime, but isn’t it supposed to? Continue reading


Shows I’m digging right now

9 Aug

When I don’t have anything to do, I like to watch TV. I’m sure you’re like me and don’t like to stray from the usual suspects. I normally stick to Seinfeld reruns and Law & Order. I don’t like discovering new shows because in the end, they will just disappoint me. However, with the DVR, I don’t have to waste my time scheduling an appointment with a crappy show. On the bright side, I did find some good shows. Continue reading

How Power Rangers ruined my life

26 Jun

We all grew up with our favorite TV shows.  Mine happened to be Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers.  Those crazy kids in the colorful jumpsuits kept me occupied after school all the time.  There are certain things that the show taught me.  All of those things were bad. Continue reading