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Six students in every first grade class

25 Jan

Every first grade class is exactly the same.  There’s snot on the clothes, milk comes in a carton, and glue covers the table.  The second graders are bullies and the slide is always backed up like five o-clock traffic.  No matter where you went to school, everything is the same.  Pudding is better than applesauce and Lunchables trumps everything else.  Another constant are the kids in your class.  Sure, there are the normal kids, but then there are a few types of children that seem to inhabit every first grade classroom.  Get ready to nostalgia.

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Where the Wild Things Are Ruled By Jerk Kids

9 Jul

So we all remember this book from our childhood. Luckily, Spike Jonze decided to make your favorite picture book into a feature-length tale of some jerk kid and creepy CGI monsters.  Sweet! Continue reading

The movie that took “infinity and beyond” to be released.

24 Jun

I don’t think there was a single person who didn’t like Toy Story (unless they had no childhood or soul).  The sequel was just as good and then… nothing.  For eleven years, we waited for a movie that might not ever happen.  The series was made for everyone.  If you pretended to ride around the Wild West or dreamed of battling an evil space villain, this movie was for you.  So when I heard a third movie was being developed, I sat and waited patiently. Continue reading