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Lance Stephenson: Flopping Through History

19 Nov

nba_a_stephenson_d1_1296x729Ahh, Lance Stephenson…a.k.a. Born Ready.  He has definitely made a name for himself around the league in the recent years, though not in the most conventional way.  Before heading to Charlotte to join the Hornets, Stephenson gained notoriety with the Pacers for his ability to get hot quick.  He also had an affinity for drawing fouls in a much-maligned fashion.  What isn’t public knowledge is just how long Lance has been doing this.  For years, his flopping credentials have been documented.  Take a look. Continue reading



26 May

Being a TV executive is easy.  I could create a primetime lineup in no time at all.  Most of the shows have already been made, anyway.  To make a new show, you just call it a “reboot” or move it to another city.  Check out some of the shows I made. Continue reading

Dirk Nowitzki: Flopping Through History

20 May

Dirk Nowitzki of the Dallas Mavericks can really sell a foul. However, few people know just how long he’s been a pro in this field. Continue reading

In my day…

24 Jan


My, how times have changed.  While my saying that doesn’t carry a lot of weight (I’m only 24), I feel that many things are different today than they were when I was in my formative years.  Society is way more technology-driven now, which is not a bad thing.  I remember when Starter jackets were hot and neon colors weren’t reserved for rave parties.  Guitars and drums have been traded in for turntables and computers.  Let’s check out some other things that have changed in 24 years. Continue reading