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Lance Stephenson: Flopping Through History

19 Nov

nba_a_stephenson_d1_1296x729Ahh, Lance Stephenson…a.k.a. Born Ready.  He has definitely made a name for himself around the league in the recent years, though not in the most conventional way.  Before heading to Charlotte to join the Hornets, Stephenson gained notoriety with the Pacers for his ability to get hot quick.  He also had an affinity for drawing fouls in a much-maligned fashion.  What isn’t public knowledge is just how long Lance has been doing this.  For years, his flopping credentials have been documented.  Take a look. Continue reading


March Madness Mascot Murder Mayhem: Round of 64

18 Mar

ImageIt is that time of the year again, folks.  It is time to throw aside any logic and research and fill out your March Madness bracket like a man. Fill it out using the only method that makes sense in this world: which mascot would win in a real life battle to the death?  In the interest of time, I will assume you are not a terrible person and you are aware of the NCAA Basketball Tournament.  I must stress that this analysis is very subjective.  Let’s do this thing.

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Analyzing the lyrical complexities of Old MacDonald

11 Apr

Mississippi: Where I Live

21 Feb

Occupy: A Film by Chase

12 Oct

Six students in every first grade class

25 Jan

Every first grade class is exactly the same.  There’s snot on the clothes, milk comes in a carton, and glue covers the table.  The second graders are bullies and the slide is always backed up like five o-clock traffic.  No matter where you went to school, everything is the same.  Pudding is better than applesauce and Lunchables trumps everything else.  Another constant are the kids in your class.  Sure, there are the normal kids, but then there are a few types of children that seem to inhabit every first grade classroom.  Get ready to nostalgia.

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Groceries fail

4 Jan

Get it right, HEB.

I took this picture, but I keep myself laughing at work with FailBlog.  It’s great!

Mmm... sweet, golden watermelon.