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Shows I’m digging right now

9 Aug

When I don’t have anything to do, I like to watch TV. I’m sure you’re like me and don’t like to stray from the usual suspects. I normally stick to Seinfeld reruns and Law & Order. I don’t like discovering new shows because in the end, they will just disappoint me. However, with the DVR, I don’t have to waste my time scheduling an appointment with a crappy show. On the bright side, I did find some good shows. Continue reading


Ways to entertain yourself with minimal effort

7 Jul

I work nights as a gate guard at a fancy neighborhood, so there is plenty of down time.  I sometimes bring a portable DVD player with me, but before I did that, I had to find ways to not go crazy.  Next time you find yourself stuck at a boring job or possibly in prison or something, use these techniques to stay sane. Continue reading