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If Jay-Z wrote a presidential speech…

21 May

Iman Cross depicts what Obama’s speech would have been like had he really been able to express himself.


Freshly (im)pressed!

7 Dec


There I am. Bottom middle.



So, my last post was recently featured in WordPress.com’s Freshly Pressed section.  That’s bitchin’.  Allow me to graphically represent my pleasure when I noticed this.


This thing I drew: volume 1

19 Jul

I am not an egotistical person, but I think I’m a pretty good artist. Check out some of these things I drew.

This picture is an early one.  If you can’t tell that it’s a bedroom, then stop reading now because my artistic stylings are too abstract for you.  It was an assignment, as most of these were, from my drawing teacher.  It’s a stupid thing to draw, therefore it’s a stupid thing to look at.  Oh, but check out that sweet Rocky poster. Continue reading