NBA MVP Candidates and Their Childhood Icon Equivalents

6 Mar

The NBA season we thought wouldn’t happen is slowly coming to a close and the MVP candidates are emerging as the playoffs draw near.  I thought comparing the stars to icons that we all remember from our childhood would help everyone understand the situation each player is in.  Without further ado, let’s begin.

Kobe Bryant is Mr. Miyagi

Kobe has been around the block a time or two.  Much like Mr. Miyagi, Bryant has all these young whippersnappers trying to challenge him.  Miyagi showed he still had gas in the tank.  Kobe might not look as spry as he did some fifteen seasons ago, but he certainly still has what it takes to perform in the NBA.

Kevin Durant is Luigi

Kevin Durant is one of my favorite players in the league.  He is also one of the best players in the league.  He has won two consecutive scoring titles and continues to improve every year.  You would think he should be allowed to do as he pleases with the offense.  There a shorter, greedier problem in the form of Russell Westbrook that stands in the way of Durant showing his true greatness.  The same could be said of Luigi.  Obviously in better shape than his brother, Luigi could prove to be far more exceptional at jumping over things than Mario.

LeBron James is the Red Power Ranger

Fine, I’ll admit it.  LeBron James is probably one of the best NBA players to ever step on the court.  He is unnaturally athletic and, despite the obvious inability to show up in the fourth quarter, very talented.  He’s great, okay?!  There are other choices, though.  There were five Power Rangers.  I understand the Red Ranger was the “leader”, but it’s a little cliché to let him save the day every time.

Dwyane Wade is the Green Power Ranger

The Green Ranger was cool as shit.  He was probably cooler than the Red Ranger.  Plus, he got to wear that cool gold thing.  Dwyane Wade is a damn good basketball player.  He’s probably better than LeBron James.  Plus, he won that cool gold thing.  Get a championship ring, LeBron, then we’ll talk.

Jeremy Lin is Hello Kitty

He’s Asian.


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