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Skeptic of KONY 2012? I understand…

7 Mar

A Tumblr blog called Visible Children has posted an interesting analysis on Invisible Children’s new campaign against Joseph Kony.  I am posting this, not to sway any opinions on the matter, but because I feel the need to remain informed on issues I see as important.  I know others try to be knowledgable about topics before taking a stance, as well.  For that reason, I feel it is necessary to post this link behind my KONY 2012 post.


KONY 2012: Make This Man Infamous

7 Mar

Joseph Kony is the leader of a Ugandan rebel group that has sustained its power for nearly thirty years by abducting children from their homes.  The girls are forced into the sex trade, while the boys are recruited as soldiers that will eventually abduct other boys and girls from their homes, perpetuating the cycle.  It must end now.  Invisible Children has declared 2012 the year that Joseph Kony finally be brought to justice. The foundation is partnering with twenty high-profile celebrities that can push their message across social networks and twelve policy makers that can put that effort to task in a meaningful way.

If you visit, you will find information on how to join the movement and what avenues of support you can travel down.  In a world where information is so readily available, it has become the best weapon in fighting for what is right.  Join Invisible Children and the rest of the KONY 2012 movement in making Joseph Kony the most infamous man on the planet.

NBA MVP Candidates and Their Childhood Icon Equivalents

6 Mar

The NBA season we thought wouldn’t happen is slowly coming to a close and the MVP candidates are emerging as the playoffs draw near.  I thought comparing the stars to icons that we all remember from our childhood would help everyone understand the situation each player is in.  Without further ado, let’s begin.

Kobe Bryant is Mr. Miyagi

Kobe has been around the block a time or two.  Much like Mr. Miyagi, Bryant has all these young whippersnappers trying to challenge him.  Miyagi showed he still had gas in the tank.  Kobe might not look as spry as he did some fifteen seasons ago, but he certainly still has what it takes to perform in the NBA. Continue reading