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26 May

Being a TV executive is easy.  I could create a primetime lineup in no time at all.  Most of the shows have already been made, anyway.  To make a new show, you just call it a “reboot” or move it to another city.  Check out some of the shows I made. Continue reading


American justice is broken

25 May

Brian David Mitchell, the man who kidnapped Elizabeth Smart, was a paranoid schizophrenic who thought he was a prophet of God. He was sentenced to life in prison today, and rightfully so.

Jared Lee Loughner, the man who killed six innocent people and wounded thirteen more, has been declared as mentally unfit for trial. Continue reading

Failing: The New Winning (via Million Dollar Mompreneur)

22 May

Failing: The New Winning In 9th grade I ran for Student Body President against Steve Croner, the most popular and good looking boy in our school. I lost. It was a landslide. I was bummed, but whatever. I didn’t expect to win despite giving it my best effort. I definitely would have liked to have won, but life goes on. I tried out for the cheer … Read More

via Million Dollar Mompreneur

If Jay-Z wrote a presidential speech…

21 May

Iman Cross depicts what Obama’s speech would have been like had he really been able to express himself.

Dirk Nowitzki: Flopping Through History

20 May

Dirk Nowitzki of the Dallas Mavericks can really sell a foul. However, few people know just how long he’s been a pro in this field. Continue reading

Beastie’s Back!

6 May

If you grew up when I did, or even if you didn’t, you definitely know who the Beastie Boys are.  Well, in this incarnation they might be hard to recognize.  Ad-Rock, Mike D and MCA are portrayed by Elijah Wood, Seth Rogen and Danny McBride, respectively.  This epic half-hour short film, titled “Fight For Your Right (Revisited)”, displays the vulgar party-hard lifestyle Beastie raps about.  Celebrity cameos are abundant in the movie.  Will Arnett plays a businessman bystander nailed with a beer by the boys and Chloë Sevigny plays a glam rock groupie that stabs Elijah Wood’s Ad-Rock.  The whole thing is backed up by tunes from the group’s new album, Hot Sauce Committee Part Two.  If you buy the deluxe album on iTunes, it is accompanied by a high quality version of this film.  So click the play button and enjoy yourself.  You won’t be disappointed.