A penny for your thoughts

20 Apr

I’ve noticed that most of my entries on this blog are me trying to be funny or get laughs.  I haven’t really used this site as a medium to express thoughts or hone my writing skills.  Here is my attempt to change that.

The United States is facing a terrible situation.  Our money isn’t worth anything.  The reason you see tons of Cash4Gold commercials every night during Family Guy re-runs is because there are actually a lot of people buying and selling gold in fear of an economic collapse.  The American dollar is on course for TBS syndication.  As the greenback continues its decline, some might wonder what currency we’ll adopt next.

Humans have been bartering with each other for ages.  Long before America was discovered and the Federal Reserve started ruining everything, cultures exchanged goods with each other.  Lewis and Clark traded furs for guidance during their expedition (please don’t check the validity of that) and Columbus brought half a spice rack back to Spain.  One of the reasons I am not worried about our dollar becoming obsolete is because currencies have always changed.  It’s nothing new.  Obviously the lack of actual gold and silver backing our money looms, but we’re America and we’ll figure it out.

There are a bunch of variables in economics, but the one constant idea is just that: an idea.  Be it fur, gold, spices, jewels or wine, civilization has traded ideas and methods forever.  If you knew how to make a boat but not how to pan for gold, I could offer you that knowledge in exchange for your boat-making expertise.  No money was exchanged between us, but we are both satisfied with the transaction.

We continue this practice today, with money taking the place of another concept.  If I have an idea for a great TV show, networks will give me money to make that show.  I believe that no matter what, intellectual property will always have value in society.  If a person can offer novel ideas that someone else deems worthy, that concept can be bought with currency (not necessarily paper money).  Manual labor is the only other thing that will always have value.  There will always be demand for medical care, law enforcement and other services, but those will fall by the wayside if we go into full-on collapse mode.

That being said, great ideas are worth way more today.  When I say great ideas, I mean things like Facebook and iPads.  The man who came up with Jimmy Dean’s Pancakes & Sausage Stick (which I thought I came up with until I walked down my local grocer’s freezer aisle) isn’t going to get showered with money.  A long time ago, we didn’t have cool things and there were a lot of ideas for people to think of.  In way, it wasn’t as cool to discover or invent something cool back then.  All of those inventions have been made now and until groundbreaking technology makes currently unthinkable concepts possible, people are struggling to find new theories or practices to make money off of.  I wonder how much Edison banked off the lightbulb or the Wright brothers got paid for the airplane.  As odd as it sounds there aren’t as many things to discover or invent anymore, so when someone does take all the right steps to produce the game changing product, people go nuts for it.

With all signs pointing toward America taking an economic nosedive, I’m secure in knowing that intellectual property will continue to be valuable.  When the world starts looking like a Mad Max movie, I’ll set up a booth on the highway and re-teach people how to tie their shoes.

As I was writing this, I started thinking about Alzheimer’s disease and how the worst thing I can think of is losing my mental stability.  It’s the one thing that really sets a person apart from the rest of society, so losing that would basically render you an empty shell.  I hope I don’t ever lose that.  But for now, HAPPY THOUGHTS!!!


2 Responses to “A penny for your thoughts”

  1. Tori Nelson April 20, 2011 at 12:32 PM #

    Nothing wrong with sharing a Ha-Ha every once in awhile. With that being said, your “serious” post is a keeper!” intellectual property will always have value in society.” To this I say, Sweet Jesus I sure hope so 🙂

  2. Penny June 15, 2011 at 12:24 PM #

    Good article. Your closing response caught my eye. I’m getting up there in years — 63, but who’s counting. I cared for my mom who had Alzheimer’s and your fears are founded. You have to, as your “About” page attests to finding humor and enjoy what we can. I, too, try to write a blog So Humor Me about this, that, and anything at all.

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