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A penny for your thoughts

20 Apr

I’ve noticed that most of my entries on this blog are me trying to be funny or get laughs.  I haven’t really used this site as a medium to express thoughts or hone my writing skills.  Here is my attempt to change that.

The United States is facing a terrible situation.  Our money isn’t worth anything.  The reason you see tons of Cash4Gold commercials every night during Family Guy re-runs is because there are actually a lot of people buying and selling gold in fear of an economic collapse.  The American dollar is on course for TBS syndication.  As the greenback continues its decline, some might wonder what currency we’ll adopt next. Continue reading


Spotlight: Oakley Holbrook

4 Apr

Finding a good pair of sunglasses is tough.  They have to accentuate your features, but stand alone in their own right.  Some folks like shades that scream at the top of their lungs, while others want something classic and simple.  A perfect pair of glasses needs to fit right and look good, but still provide quality protection from UV rays.  You should look good sporting sunglasses without dropping a car payment on them.  After all, you deserve it. Continue reading

Obey your Masters

2 Apr

It’s April, folks.  That carries with it a few given circumstances.  You will get to watch a Final Four consisting of none of the teams you picked, it’s still way to early to give a damn about baseball, “collective bargaining” is trending on Twitter, and you get to watch the Masters and pretend you’ve been following golf all year.  If you didn’t do a crash course on the hip PGA Tour stories like every other person watching the Masters, I have a few quick tips on how to participate in the water cooler conversations. Continue reading