In my day…

24 Jan


My, how times have changed.  While my saying that doesn’t carry a lot of weight (I’m only 24), I feel that many things are different today than they were when I was in my formative years.  Society is way more technology-driven now, which is not a bad thing.  I remember when Starter jackets were hot and neon colors weren’t reserved for rave parties.  Guitars and drums have been traded in for turntables and computers.  Let’s check out some other things that have changed in 24 years.

Sylvester Stallone



What happened, Sly?  You were the man back in the day!  Now you look like a melanoma on steroids.  I want to remember you whipping Drago in the ring, not having individual ass hair follicles relocated to maintain what you call a goatee.  Also, don’t reunite every other washed up action star for another Expendables movie.


Multiplayer games



When I got grounded as a kid, I had to stay in my room.  Yes, that was the punishment!  Keeping me inside was like an episode of Lockdown.  Now, kids’ rooms look like a NASA control room.  Before Xbox and iPhone we had hopscotch and hide-and-seek.  It’s no wonder all the kids are fat today.  I can’t say anything, really, because I geek out on video games all the time.  I’m an adult, though.  My better days are over.



High school drama



That Zack Morris was so terrible.  He was always getting in trouble.  I can’t imagine a kid any m—what?!  Oh my goodness!  Did she just smoke that?  Well, I never!  What in the AC Slater is going on here?!  They’re in high school?  Did they just shoot up heroin?!  I’m going to have to burn this TV!



Will Smith



In my day, Mr. Smith was just a West Philly native trying to make it on the mean streets of the LA suburbs.  Now he’s in every movie I see.  Whether he’s killing zombies or cleaning up the city as a hung over superhero, he does it best.  I just wish there was more “relaxin’ all cool”.  By the way, what the hell ever happened to Jazzy Jeff?






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