One more thing before I go…

18 Dec

I see an image like this and ask myself, “Will I ever reach the point where I feel that satisfied, that content with what I have done?”  I want to be able to recount things I’ve done and have people listen.  I want them to tell stories about hearing my stories.  I want someone to hear what I’ve done in my life and try to one-up me by going out and doing cooler shit than I did.  Here’s where I plan to set the bar.

There are certain things we hear about or see on TV that make us say, “Man, I have to do that before I die!”  Be it skydiving, climbing Everest, or giving a nun the finger, we all have those dream activities or destinations.  Of course, the obvious title for this entry was “My Bucket List”, but I decided against it.  Morgan Freeman has already dedicated his film career to helping out misguided white dudes, no need to give me inspiration.  Some of these tasks I have completed, while others are waiting to be checked off.  I fully intend on completing my list, one by one.  It might take a lifetime, but isn’t it supposed to?

Get a college degree DONE

I’ll start with something that not everyone would think to put on here.  Sure it can come early in life, but it is still something everyone should strive for.  Some can live a full, happy and successful life without getting a degree, but there are absolutely no drawbacks from doing it anyway.  You’d be surprised how much more likely you are to see prosperity with one of these bad boys hanging in your living room or office.  The life experience alone is something that shouldn’t be passed up.  The friends I made in college will be close to me for the rest of my life.  Sure I started off rough, attending (on occasion) Texas A&M University as a Landscape Architecture major.  Since I coasted through grade school, I never developed study habits and got my ass kicked when college exams upped the ante.  I partied my way out of Aggieland and got correct at a local community college before I completed my Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice at Sam Houston State University.  It was real.  It was fun.  It was a fuckin’ blast.

Visit Machu Picchu NOT DONE

Do I even need to say anything?  This place is unreal!  Let me put this in perspective.  Those stone walls in Peru were built by the Incas in the 1400s and are perched on a mountain ridge over 7,000 feet in the air!  Go pick up your socks, as they should have just been blown off.  Imagine walking the trails up to this place, going through the mist and haze around the tropical forests, and happening upon this seemingly untouched gem.  One of the interesting things about Machu Picchu is the way it was constructed.  The stones were stacked together without the use of any sort of mortar.  Peru is a hotspot for seismic activity and the rocks are able to move with the disruptions while maintaining the structure.  Were the ancient builders aware of this?  Who knows, but I am thankful that their technique preserved the ruins for me to see.

Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge DONE

This one is a retroactive addition to my list.  I did this and felt it deserved a spot.  I had the honor of being selected as a student ambassador when I was in high school and got to travel to the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand.  I had the pleasure of walking the halls of castles, riding the London Eye, seeing Stonehenge, dining with a Māori tribe and being the houseguest on a ranch in the Australian outback.  I loved every minute of it.  One thing that was really cool was climbing the Harbour Bridge in Sydney.  Sure, the Opera House looks cool from sea level.  It looks way cooler from atop a 450-foot bridge with traffic rushing beneath you.  There is a company there that operates the bridge climbs and I had a blast.  I strongly recommend seeing Australia, if nothing else.  Great people, amazing sights and kanga-freaking-roos!

Meet a former President of the United States DONE

It’s 11:30 on a Friday night in College Station, TX.  Some friends and I have partaken in some nightcaps.  We decide the only right thing to do is play Cops & Robbers, a game where one team (the robbers) tries to reach a point in town on foot, while the other team (the cops) tries to catch them on bicycles.  The destination was a statue of horses leaping over a piece of the Berlin Wall at the George Bush Presidential Library.  I was the first officer to arrive on scene and pedaled slowly towards the sculpture.  I saw a flash of white hair  and a man in a suit walking a dog up ahead.  I rolled on up and asked, “How are y’all doing tonight?”, to the two people I now recognized as Barbara Bush and her Secret Service handler.  Apparently the former first lady and her husband have an apartment on the grounds of the library and were staying there that night so they could see the football game the next day (damn, I forgot to pull tickets).  After we talked for about ten minutes I remembered that “robbers”, who were distinguished with big, duct tape Xs, would be descending on this very site soon.  Luckily, my friends noticed the situation and were not capped by the snipers posted on the rooftop.  Mrs. Bush said that George would be home soon if we wanted to wait and meet him, so we left right away.  Just kidding!  My friends and I got to meet and shake hands with the surprisingly tall former President of this country I love so much.  He smelled like leather and peppermint.  Not only is this a baller way to meet a former President, but it also supports the first thing on my list.  College is awesome.

Go big game hunting NOT DONE

I live in Texas, where you really haven’t lived until you bag a huge buck and wipe the blood on your face like war paint.  Therefore, I haven’t lived.  I have gone hunting a few times, but it was for doves instead of deer.  Of course, I mostly just helped control the rabbit population rather than knocking any doves out of the air.  I figure I need to step my game up if I want to hold my own in any kind of hunting conversation.  I decided that the way to do that is to kill some massive creatures.  Be it grizzly bears in Alaska, moose in Canada or lions in the wilds of Africa, I want a rug made out of some viscous animal (yes, I consider moose viscious).  I want to sit in my elephant-skin chair and sip scotch while I stare into the eyes my tiger rug.  I want the animals to fear me.  I want to wear a safari hat.  I want to wrestle a crocodile into submission, then make a championship belt out of him.  I want my adventures to be played out in a film starring Vin Diesel.

Go on a cross-country RV trip NOT DONE

I love traveling and I love hanging out with my friends.  Driving across the nation in a motor home seems like a perfect fit.  I love seeing all the views that different places offer and the freedom of the open road is lovely.  I want to make stops at all the cool RV parks around the country and experience “roughing it” with the other folks who have chosen to do the same.  I feel most relaxed in the outdoors with a fire and a clod beer.  Throw in some great Texas country music and I’m set.  I’ll have to choose my companions carefully so we don’t cabin fever during the extensive drive, but that shouldn’t be hard.  I also need to figure out a cool destination to travel to.

Go to the taping of Oprah’s Favorite Things OPPORTUNITY MISSED

What can I say, I like free shit.

Obviously this list is in progress.  I don’t know all the cool things that are out there, yet.  If you think I’m leaving something amazing off, feel free to comment and tell me all about it!


5 Responses to “One more thing before I go…”

  1. Tori December 19, 2010 at 9:40 AM #

    “He smelled like leather & peppermint” hahah LOVE it! Hope you get to check some new adventures off your list soon!

    • Chase December 19, 2010 at 6:36 PM #

      Thanks for reading, Tori! I hope I get to check off more, too. I hope to add more to the list as well, because when I’ve checked everything off there’s no reason for me to be here!

  2. Monex December 19, 2010 at 11:26 AM #

    How frustrating is it for you President Clinton that the response has . And that — so I think you will see it get a lot better in a hurry now.

  3. anonse erotyczne December 26, 2010 at 6:23 AM #

    It’s everything here exactly what I was looking for 🙂 I’m so happy that I step in right here.

  4. redtube January 5, 2011 at 7:53 AM #

    Well I really liked reading it. This tip provided by you is very effective for proper planning.

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