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One more thing before I go…

18 Dec

I see an image like this and ask myself, “Will I ever reach the point where I feel that satisfied, that content with what I have done?”  I want to be able to recount things I’ve done and have people listen.  I want them to tell stories about hearing my stories.  I want someone to hear what I’ve done in my life and try to one-up me by going out and doing cooler shit than I did.  Here’s where I plan to set the bar.

There are certain things we hear about or see on TV that make us say, “Man, I have to do that before I die!”  Be it skydiving, climbing Everest, or giving a nun the finger, we all have those dream activities or destinations.  Of course, the obvious title for this entry was “My Bucket List”, but I decided against it.  Morgan Freeman has already dedicated his film career to helping out misguided white dudes, no need to give me inspiration.  Some of these tasks I have completed, while others are waiting to be checked off.  I fully intend on completing my list, one by one.  It might take a lifetime, but isn’t it supposed to? Continue reading


It’s a movie, dawg!

8 Dec

In order to whore out all this traffic I’m getting from Freshly Pressed, I would like to present a short film for your viewing pleasure.  My friend and live-in nanny, Christopher Peter, offered me a role in a project for his college course.  This is my debut, so be kind.

Freshly (im)pressed!

7 Dec


There I am. Bottom middle.



So, my last post was recently featured in’s Freshly Pressed section.  That’s bitchin’.  Allow me to graphically represent my pleasure when I noticed this.


Why the dentist still sucks

6 Dec

So I had a dental appointment today.  It was just as horrible as it normally is.  Remember when we always hated to go to the dentist’s office as kids?  Well at 24 years of age, I still can’t stand the place.  I would really rather do almost anything else over going to get my teeth cleaned.  I know it’s important to have a healthy set of chompers, but there are plenty of foods you can gum, right? Continue reading

The return that maybe, possibly, hopefully someone was waiting for

5 Dec

I feel like a big loser for slacking off with my posting here on WordPress.  I feel like I wrote some pretty cool entries and kind of fell behind due to starting a new job.  I will definitely write more stuff, but in the meantime here is a video so cute that you’ll forget about all the adorable puppies Michael Vick murdered.