Music that I don’t think sucks

14 Aug

I consider myself a music snob, of sorts.  When I hear some sweet tunage come on the radio, I go out and get the rest of that artist’s album.  When everyone else starts listening to their music, I have to look around for a cool, new person or band to rock out to.  Lately, though, I’ve grown out of that.  I’m finding stuff I dig and sticking with it.  Since I work the night shift, I have countless hours used for sitting around and jamming.  Here’s some of the stuff I load my iPod up with.

Eli “Paperboy” Reed

Let’s start with a bang.  This dude can bring it.  He’s a white dude that sings like he was born forty years late.  He belts out soul music like he paved the streets of Motown.  It has been a while since someone has made music that just feels good to listen to.  This is it.  The horns and guitars blend together harmoniously and Paperboy’s vocals are awesome.  Go out now and get his new album, Come and Get It!. Classic R&B is on the rise, folks.  Take note.

Mike Posner

If you listen to cool music at all, then you’ve heard of this guy.  His song “Cooler Than Me”, is stomping through the charts like a Grambling State fraternity.  The girl he wrote that song about actually came up to him recently at school and tried to put the moves on him.  He did the right thing and gave her the cold shoulder.  I decided to see what else this kid has to offer and got his album 31 Minutes To Takeoff.  The way this guy writes songs is amazing.  He basically sings stuff that we all think or say in everyday life.  He has one song where he calls out a girl by name and says, “I should’ve cheated on you, nobody told me I was dating a whore”.  Another track gives us the joy of listening to Boyz II Men sing background vocals like, “mess that shit all up”.  It’s an all-around great listen.  Do your ears a solid and let Mr. Posner enter them (could that have sounded dirtier?).


Remember when Outkast came on the scene and we were all like, “wow, these guys are freakin’ nuts”?  This is the same way I feel about B.o.B (interestingly enough, the name of an awesome Outkast song).  The way this guy spits rhymes makes rap fun and puts a smile on your face.  His songs are constantly at the top of various music video countdowns and charts.  He collaborated with the curiously hot Hayley Williams of Paramore on “Airplanes”, a great track on The Adventures of Bobby Ray.  Another song, “Magic”, has Rivers Cuomo from Weezer singing the chorus.  Other cohorts of the lyricist are T.I., Bruno Mars, and Lupe Fiasco.  I challenge you to not have a blast when you crank these tunes on your stereo.  It may seem like a cop-out for me to list a mainstream success on this post, but it doesn’t matter.  He’s good and you’ll be a much cooler person for listening to his music.


His name is wall-ay, don’t say wall-ee. This Maryland rapper has had enough of people jacking up the pronunciation of his name.  He was featured as the house artist at the MTV Video Music Awards and has done a song with Lady Gaga.  The way this dude raps is just terrific.  I really am not sure what else to say.  It may be because I’m tired of typing, but it could be that I simply like his music.  I’m going to go with that one.  Go buy his CD, Attention Deficit.  When you get home, though, just take off the cellophane wrapper and put it on the coffee table, letting it fill the room with coolness.  Like a bottle of fine wine, let it breathe.  You’ll thank yourself later.  Actually, you’ll thank me later.  Yeah, go with that.

Honorable Mentions

Mumford and Sons “Little Lion Man” – This band is from England, so saying this song sounds like bad ass Irish folk music might be an insult.  Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, this Irish folk song-sounding tune goes pretty hard for an Irish folk song.  I’m loving the mandolin and they really nailed this one.

Enrique Iglesias “I Like It” – The Bailamos boy bounces back with this club pumper featuring Pitbull.  He makes his triumphant return relevant with a cameo appearance by the cast of Jersey Shore in the music video.  I like him now, but did he really have to have the mole removed?  That’s really what did it for me.

Jason Derulo “Ridin’ Solo” – I find myself with this song stuck in my head more than I pee, which I feel is a generous amount of time.  He’s had a few good singles and I think he has more in store.

Hanson “Thinking Bout Somethin” – Say what you will, these dudes had everyone in the palm of their pubescent hands back in the day.  They’re apparently back with another song that is actually good.  They don’t have girl hair anymore and their music video reminded me of The Blues Brothers.  MMMBop, everybody, MMM-freaking-Bop.

So that’s the auditory heroin I’m enjoying right now.  If you don’t like it, that’s fine.  That is why I named this post “Music that I don’t think sucks”.  You can go listen to whatever you want.


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