Shows I’m digging right now

9 Aug

When I don’t have anything to do, I like to watch TV. I’m sure you’re like me and don’t like to stray from the usual suspects. I normally stick to Seinfeld reruns and Law & Order. I don’t like discovering new shows because in the end, they will just disappoint me. However, with the DVR, I don’t have to waste my time scheduling an appointment with a crappy show. On the bright side, I did find some good shows.

The Big Bang Theory

This show is great. I discovered it after three seasons, so I knew that it was tested and proven worthy. It revolves around a group of four really smart guys that are into comic books and sci-fi. A hot girl moves in across the hall and hilarity predictably ensues. The back-and-forth that Sheldon and Leonard (roommates) have over various academic and nerdy topics are great. The comedic value that their two friends, Raj and Howard, add are priceless. Finally, the constant on again, off again romance between Leonard and Penny, the aforementioned hot girl across the hall, is a classic sitcom device that still works. I also enjoy having to utilize my higher vocabulary to understand some of the jokes.

Grade: A

How I Met Your Mother

This is another show I caught after a few, ahem five, seasons in. Bob Saget narrates the story of, well, the title. It’s all about three college friends, a love interest in the form of a news anchor, and Barney, a dude met at a urinal (brilliantly played by Neil Patrick Harris). The plot has everyday elements like hanging out at a bar and going to work, but throws in ridiculous situations to keep things lively. There are a lot of running gags that will keep you in stitches, like Barney’s constant high-fives.  The recurring love interest is prevalent in this show, too.

Grade: B+

White Collar

This show is based on my life.  There was a time when I was a master art thief.  I was apprehended by the authorities at the FBI and sentenced to jail.  Just months before my release, though, my honey girl was kidnapped.  I decided to break out of jail, only to be caught again by the same dude (serious player hater for reals)!  I was given freedom in exchange for offering my aid to the federal government and their investigations.  Oh, and hot chicks hit on me all the time and I look really good wearing a skinny tie and a fedora.  Yeah, they embellished a little bit.  I can’t pull off a fedora.  This show is really good and has an intriguing plot that will capture guys with action and girls with a love story.

Grade: B+

Modern Family

This is probably my favorite show on the list.  It has only been on for one season, but there is no way that is disappearing anytime soon.  Everything in this program is great.  They resurrected Al freakin’ Bundy, people!  The story is about an extended family that lives near each other.  That means they see each other a lot.  Which makes for hilarious half-hour time slots.  They have thought of everything here.  There is a gay couple that just adopted a Vietnamese girl, an old dude that is remarried to a smoking hot Colombian woman with an overly mature little boy, and a seemingly normal (but far from it) family with the dorkiest dad ever.  The jokes in this show are at the main characters’ expense, which makes it funnier.  The humor is unapologetic and can be racy, which fits this generation’s demeanor perfectly.  Go watch this show!

Grade: A+


This is the Iron Man of my favorite shows.  Pretty much anything HBO puts on TV right now is gold, but Entourage launched seven seasons ago when that wasn’t necessarily true.  It shows the juicy side of the Hollywood world that we all want to see, but might not want to admit.  With lots of profanity, nudity, and generous dosages of cannabis, this show is for an older audience.  The chemistry between Vince, Ari, E, Drama, and Turtle is one of the best on air today.  I personally can’t see this show going away anytime soon.  I love how the entire season revolves around Vince finding a project to rocket his career.  The next season then starts off at or after the premiere of a movie, when Vince and his surrogate family are riding high and loving life.  I’ve watched this show since the beginning and would recommend going out and buying those past seasons.

“Let’s hug it out, bitches!” – Ari Gold

Grade: A+


One Response to “Shows I’m digging right now”

  1. onamatopoeia August 14, 2010 at 1:42 AM #

    Hey, thanks for these reviews! Much needed. I wasn’t sure whether Entourage was really worth it or if, like Desperate Housewives, it was just overrated. But if you say it’s good, I’m sure it’s great. 🙂

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