The movie that took “infinity and beyond” to be released.

24 Jun

I don’t think there was a single person who didn’t like Toy Story (unless they had no childhood or soul).  The sequel was just as good and then… nothing.  For eleven years, we waited for a movie that might not ever happen.  The series was made for everyone.  If you pretended to ride around the Wild West or dreamed of battling an evil space villain, this movie was for you.  So when I heard a third movie was being developed, I sat and waited patiently.

I saw this movie with my brother and mom one afternoon.  After the previews, a Pixar short called Night & Day came on.  The premise was these two characters, representing night and day, were having a scuffle, then they became the same when sunrise/sunset rolled around.  Then night and day changed to day and night, respectively.  Pretty cool, but nothing compared to other shorts we’ve seen.

The movie starts with a flashback montage of Andy playing with all of his toys.  It sets a very happy mood on a movie that tried to jerk some tears.  The toys then try to put a plan into action that will get the college-bound Andy to play with them.  The scheme fails and the toys, save Woody, are packed in a bag meant for the attic.  Andy’s mom mistakenly sends the bag out for donation to the local daycare and the adventure begins.  The toys, determined to get back to their owner, go through a variety of great environments that the Pixar team worked very hard on.

There is one moment late in the film where the toys are heading for certain “death” in the form of a trash incinerator.  Buzz, Woody, Jessie, and Bullseye (the horse) actually seem to accept their doom and hold hands, waiting patiently for the inferno.  Then the funny little aliens from Pizza Planet come to the rescue, using the giant “claaaaaw” to save the toys from the burner.

This movie was a really good closing to a great series that won over the hearts and minds of many.  I thought it was well made and only phoned it in on a few occasions.  I would definitely encourage fans of the previous films to see this.  Those who didn’t like the other installations will probably feel the same with this one.

Grade: B

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